Recycling sacks, replacement or bigger bins

Damaged bins

If one of your bins is damaged, call us and we will repair or replace it.

Missing bins

If one of your bins goes missing, call us and we will replace it.

Larger bins

You can request a larger bin if your household has six or more permanent residents. Larger bins will replace standard issue bins and would not be in addition to original bins. Larger black bins will only be given out if there is a genuine need and the blue bin is being used correctly.

If you do not have six or more people in your household, you can buy a larger blue bin to replace your standard bin for £45 (includes delivery). Larger blue bins have a 360 litre capacity, our standard bins have a capacity of 240 litres.

Additional brown bins

Under the new garden waste collection scheme anyone can sign up for up to four bins at each property. Each bin costs £40 every year.

Extra recycling sacks

You can buy blue recycling sacks online at a cost of £2 for ten which includes delivery charges (you can use these sacks in Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury). Or you can buy them from Forest Heath or St Edmundsbury council offices at a cost of £1 for ten.

We will collect a maximum of two sacks in addition to the contents of your blue bin on collection day. We will not collect additional recycling in bags that are not council issued.

Buy extra recycling sacks

Textile recycling

Textiles and clothes can no longer go in the recycling bin, either bagged or loose. Instead people are asked to donate their clothing to charity shops, or to take it to their nearest recycling banks. For more information about textiles recycling download Textiles recycling or visit: Green Suffolk, textiles recycling