Chairman of Forest Heath District Council

The chairman is elected by the Council annually. The chairman presides over all council meetings and also represents the district at social, charitable and civic functions.

The chairman for the civic year (May 2017 - May 2018) is Councillor Brian Harvey and the Vice-Chairman is Councillor Chris Barker

Mayor of St Edmundsbury Borough

Areas are broadly designated boroughs or districts. A borough has usually been granted the title historically by royal authority, boroughs will have a mayor. There are two types of mayor:

  • a ceremonial mayor - who chairs council meetings but cannot make decisions about council business, they also represent the borough at official events
  • an elected mayor - who has been elected by the public and has the power to make decisions (such as in London)

St Edmundsbury has a ceremonial mayor, Councillor Margaret Marks, and deputy mayor, Councillor Patrick Chung

You can view the civic events calendar for occasions that the mayor or deputy will be attending.

You can also view a list of previous Mayors of St Edmundsbury

You can view admissions to the Freedom of the Borough

Freedom of the Borough Protocol

Nomination form for Freedom of the Borough